W8: The role of social media in network protest

As I mentioned in the last blog, the social media like Twitter and Facebook a new form of news media outlet. So, what does the role of social media need to be when network protest is happened?

Social media, the user-generated content and the consumer-generated media which has higher reach with more immediately to gain the information and response at the same time. So that when the social and network protest happened, it becomes the role for spreading the messages and information about the protest issues in more immediacy and accessibility.


‘The message tweeted by Josie Tao Cai-yi immediately after she was tear-gassed and pepper sprayed by riot police in Admiralty on September 28 provided a stark insight into the experience…Her message struck a chord that Sunday evening, and thousands of others on Twitter propelled Occupy Central to become a global topic. At the height of the riot police operation, 12 tweets about Hong Kong were being posted every second as images of protesters engulfed in tear gas spread globally. ‘ (Lee,2014)

Umbrella revolution, the political protest happened in 2014, most of us who live in Hong Kong would not unfamiliar with it no matter we were support to which sides. And this is the good example that how social media taking their roles during the social and network protests. The Social media had act an important role for transferring the information and breaking news of the protect during the period of the revolution, even in a very high speed on receive and reply. And those pages on Facebook and the tweets and topics also got highly attention from the public.

For example, it is the fastest and easiest platform for the protest organizers like ‘Occupy Central with Love and Peace’ to give out the important message to the public, like what the public should be avoid or prepare before going to those ‘occupy places’, or what is the updated status for those places.


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2 thoughts on “W8: The role of social media in network protest

  1. A Nice example was chosen and it is good that you have included some background information of the social network. A simple conclusion can be added to help organise your idea.


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